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Discover the Deluxe Easy-On Dog Boot Leggings by Walkee Paws

The Ultimate

Paw Protection

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Canine furiends

In the world of pet care, innovative solutions that blend convenience, comfort, and style are rare gems. The Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings represent just such a fusion, a revolutionary product for dog parents who prioritize their furry friends’ well-being. Created by Lisa Baronoff, a devoted dog parent and CEO of Walkee Paws, these leggings are not just an accessory but a necessity for protecting your dog’s paws from the myriad dangers they encounter on daily walks.

Walkee Paws New Deluxe Easy-On Dog Boot Leggings, Seen on Shark Tank, Protects from Winter, Cold, Wet & Snow, Allergens & Chemicals, Never Lose a…

PAW-FECT PROTECTION: come rain, shine or snow, Walkee Paws dog booties leggings keep your pooch protected from the ruff stuff outside. With waterproof natural rubber, paws that mimic the normal sensation of walking on the ground, paws are protected from hot pavements, snow melt, salt and other chemicals that are potentially dangerous if ingested.

Pros and Cons: A Balanced View


  • Walkee Paws are an innovative alternative to traditional dog booties.
  • They are comfortable and adjustable to fit any dog size.
  • The interconnected all-in-one design simplifies putting them on and taking them off.
  • These boot leggings effectively protect your dog’s paws from dirt, debris, and other impurities​​.


  • The lack of a physical instruction sheet, relying only on a QR code, might pose a challenge for some customers​​.

Design and Pricing: Tailored to Every Pooch

The Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings come in four different sizes, ranging from $49.99 to $64.99, ensuring a perfect fit for dogs of all sizes. They also boast a variety of colors and patterns, adding a dash of style to your dog’s wardrobe​​.

Unboxing the Walkee Paws Experience

Expect to be greeted by a charming Walkee Paws box, complete with fitting instructions, a heartfelt note from the CEO, and a 15% off discount code for your next purchase. Inside, you’ll find the leggings, which feature a 4-in-1 stretchy, water-resistant design, eco-friendly molded waterproof rubber boots, and a cotton lining for extra comfort. The design also includes smooth leg openings and a detachable elastic collar connector for easy use​​.

Quality and Variety: Unmatched in the Market

Walkee Paws stands out for its high-quality, eco-friendly materials and design, ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety. While the current design is impressive, the prospect of future variety, such as materials suited for different climates, is exciting for pet parents​​.

Convenience: Effortless and Practical

These boot leggings are a paradigm of convenience. Their interconnected design prevents loss and makes them easy to clean – simply rinse, wipe, and wash. This feature alone makes them a must-have for every dog owner​​.

The Verdict: Exceptional Value for Your Canine Friend

For their reasonable price, the Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings offer incredible value. They are easy to put on, stay securely in place, and provide a comfortable, adjustable fit for dogs of all sizes. The peace of mind knowing your dog’s paws are protected, coupled with the adorable look, makes these leggings a worthwhile investment for every dog parent​​.

In conclusion, Walkee Paws Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings are more than just a product; they are a statement of love and care for your canine companion. Embrace this innovation and give your dog the gift of safety and style.

Step into Safety and Style

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